Still Life with Animated Dogs

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The dogs you are about to see in this film are not the only ones I have ever owned;
but they are the special ones — the ones who have shared something crucial with me.
Paul Fierlinger
Несколько эпизодов из жизни Пола Фирлингера и его четвероногих друзей, сопровождавших его от темных дней в коммунистической Чехословакии до более радужных дней в США.
фильм начинается с 54 с

Моя собака Тюльпан

«Unable to love each other,

the English turn naturally to dogs»


Анимационный фильм Пола и Сандры Фирлингер (Sandra Fierlinger, Paul Fierlinger) по одноименной книге Экерли. Фильм об отношениях собаки и человека, потерявшего надежду найди дружбу среди людей.

О том, как делался фильм:

cat Konyara by Studio Ghibli for Nisshin Seifun



Studio Ghibli has produced a commercial to mark the 110th anniversary of Nisshin Seifun Group, a Japanese food and manufacturing conglomerate. The cat «Konyara» in the commercial is based on a kitten that Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki himself drew. (from here)

Служба доставки Кики

When I first came across Kiki, the first image occurred to me was a small girl flying across the city at night. A sea of lights — but not a single one offers her a warm welcome. There’s a profound loneliness high above the city. In flying, one may no longer be confined to land, but this freedom also implies insecurity and loneliness.

Hayao Miyazaki

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