Andy McKee

Все началось с того, что в далеком 2006 песня «Drifting» стала лучшим видео на YouTube, набрав в первые же дни более 40 миллионов просмотров.
Из интервью:

I’d had a bit of success with my music career but I was really making most of my income as a guitar teacher in Topeka, Kansas. In 2005 I joined a new record label that was focused on acoustic music called «Candyrat Records». The guy that runs that label, Rob Poland, asked me if I would be interested in shooting some guitar videos that we could upload to Youtube and potentially get some new fans. I figured «Why not?» and so we shot about 8 videos in an afternoon at his house and I made sure to wear my best red shirt and blue jeans. What followed was nothing less than mind-boggling for all of us. We had no expectations that any of my videos would become as popular as they have and I feel extremely fortunate to have had that sort of success online. It’s made it possible for me to tour all over the world and meet all of these wonderful fans. What really impacts me though is when  people tell me that I inspired them to pick up the guitar or to try new things and be creative. Some people have named their children after my songs. There are also 4 people walking the earth that have my signature tattooed on their body! I never would have dreamed of such things just a few years ago.Five albums. What are they?
Ah Via Musicom — Eric Johnson; Aerial Boundaries — Michael Hedges; Passion Session — Don Ross; Far Beyond Driven — Pantera Debut — Bjork


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